API User Setup

API User Setup is where you enter all information for your API users in the organization. Fill in the different fields, set privileges, and click Save API User. A new record appears in the API Users List table.

  • New API User – Create a new API user.
  • Move to Inactive – Move the API user to Inactive so the API user can’t log in.
  • Move to Trash – Move the API user to Trash so the API user can’t log in and Administrator can delete it.
  • Save User – Save the API user to the cloud.
  • Help Center – This help page.

By default, new API users are Active and can log in right away.

New New API user are available in Users to users with Administrator role.
Active Active API users can log in with their roles and privileges specified for this organization.
Inactive Inactive API users cannot log in.
Trash Trash API user cannot log in. User with Administrator role can delete the API user while with this status.
  • Username – Change the username.
  • Organization – Change the organization name if different from the main.
  • Language (ßeta) – Change interface language.
  • Timezone – Change the user’s timezone.
  • Private Note – Add private note to a user. The user does not see this, only the admin.
  • Current Password – To change a user password, you must enter the current password,
  • New Password – The new password
  • New Password Again – Repeat the new password again.

Changing the timezone affects only the display for this user. Dates are standardized in the database. IDC automatically updates to daylight savings.

Project API User Privileges per projects

Below are all the privileges you can set for API users per project.

  • Access Producer – Access this project in Producer.
  • Add Records – Add cards in Producer.
  • Edit Records – Edit cards in Producer.
  • Deactivate Records – Move cards to Inactive.
  • Trash/Delete Records – Move cards to Trash. Only Admin can Delete a trashed record versus Erase Records with this privilege.
  • Erase Records – Erase all information about the record permanently.
  • Capture Photo ID – Capture a Photo ID for a record. If there is no access, the Live Camera will not turn on.
  • Capture Signature – Capture a signature for a record.
  • Print Card – Preview cards before printing.
  • Preview Card – Preview cards with NO printing.