Do you need to test your printer online? Then, you are in the right place. Printing this ultimate Print Test Card using our IDC Print Engine is the best way to try your desktop card printer and see its capabilities.

  1. Click the Printer on the right or the three dots or double arrows, then Print.
  2. In "Destination" or "Printer", select your card printer.
  3. In "More settings" > "Scale", choose "Default" or "Actual size".
  4. In "More settings"> "Quality", you can change the quality to 300, 600, or 1200 dpi to match your printer's maximum dpi.

When you are ready, click Print.

Our test card includes elements to verify the printing quality like:

  • YMCK color rectangles
  • Line height and width
  • Different font sizes text
  • Gray gradient
  • Ribbon Calibration
  • Printhead Alignment
  • Check for white lines
  • Vivid Color testing
  • QR Code
  • and much more
After printing, you should get this:

You can also take out the ribbon from the printer, unwind the ribbon and look at the K panel. You should get something like this: