IDC Business

IDC Business is the ideal plan for small and medium-sized organizations that need; single or double-sided ID cards, up to 2000 records, QR codes, up to Full HD* Photo ID quality, Import/Export records, Unlimited users, and more. Our plans include Customizable Templates, Secure Database Fields, Signature Pad support, 1D Barcode Printing, Color Coding, Unlimited Projects, as well as High-Resolution Printing quality.

IDpack Cloud supports all card printers

IDpack Cloud helps organizations control their security requirements using access control cards, membership cards, price tags, convention badges, event passes, student ID cards, and other types of ID cards. Access your ID cards anytime and anywhere in the world from any modern web browser using our cloud-based card issuance platform.

  • Print CR80 (PVC) cards, price tags, and badges online.
  • Upgrade your plan anytime.
  • Each customer gets a unique OpenSSL key to encrypt all sensitive data.
  • No more limits: use your desktop, laptop, or tablet for unlimited projects.
  • User Access Management tool with three different roles: Administrator, Operator, or Designer on top of 10 privileges.

Screenshot | IDC Business | Project Designer
Screenshot | IDC Business | Badge Producer - Records List
Screenshot | IDC Business | Badge Producer
Screenshot | IDC Business | Badge Producer - Print Preview

IDC Business is the most customizable and user-friendly cloud-based issuance platform for ID card production in the industry. Why pay for expensive solutions when you can have the same using IDC Business? The platform allows you to design and produce photo ID cards, badges, name tags, and price tags for all kinds of uses like employees, libraries, schools, memberships, corporate security cards, fidelity cards, convention cards, and all other identification types. IDpack Cloud supports the CR-80 plastic ID card format used by Evolis, Zebra Technologies, Magicard, HID Global, Entrust, Team NISCA, and many other leading card printer manufacturers. If you aren’t convinced yet, you can try IDpack Cloud for FREE with our IDC Starter plan, which offers 25 total records.

You can purchase additional records separately whenever needed (1,000 records at a time).

We also offer Custom Templates, a one-time fee, which includes one custom template and two revisions, all locked to your organization.

Print ID cards from any operating system (OS)

* To take full advantage of IDC, you’ll need proper hardware and a fast Internet connection.

SKU: IDC-1200