Project Manager

In IDC, you create your card design as a project in the Project Manager module. When you want to create a new badge or card design, you first go to Project Manager, then click New Project. A project includes all the configurations needed to print your cards. For each project, you choose the template for the design, the fields you need, and the order you want to see them in the Badge Producer. You choose which fields appear on the card design, if you need color coding, what barcode you want to see, what field will be encoded, and much more. All these options for your design are included in your project, and you can have unlimited projects.

You cannot print from Project Manager, so once you are happy with the result, you can either click the  Open in Producer button in the toolbar or click Badge Producer in the menu, then your project in the Project List. Then click New Record and print it. Don’t see your project in Badge Producer? Make sure your project is set to Move to Active in Project Manager.

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