Template Designer | Layout | Input Type

In Template Designer -> Layout -> Edit Object Properties, you can use the Input Type method to choose text or select.

  • text
    This method is the default option. It’s an input text where you can type what you want.
  • select
    This method allows you to create a pull-down menu in Badge Producer. The Dynamic Field selected must be a VARCHAR type. In Template Builder, open your project and click Layout. From Layout, click a Dynamic Field you want to use as a pull-down menu (any string field). From the Edit Object Properties panel, choose “select” in the Input Type below Dynamic Field. Click Save. In the textarea below, you can list all the options (one per row) and click Save.

    That’s it! If you open your project in Badge Producer, you will see a pull-down menu for the input. If the options list changes, you don’t lose your records option already saved; it will be flagged with an asterisk (*), suggesting to select a different one, but it will still work.