Template Designer | Layout

In IDC, you can create your own template using the Template Designer. After you added a new template, click the Layout tab. You can see three sections: Object Layers, Template Preview, and Edit Object Properties.

  • Object Layers is where you add objects and reorder your layers. To reorder the layers, use the up and down arrow keys, and when finished, click Save to update the layout. Below, you can find the list of all Object Types supported by IDpack Cloud.

      Dynamic Objects

    • Barcode
    • Color Code – Square
    • Dynamic Field
    • Photo ID
    • QR Code
    • Signature
    • SVG Flag
    • Your Logo


      Static Objects

    • Image
    • SVG Code
    • Text (multiple lines)
    • Text (one line)


      Drawing Objects

    • Circle
    • Line
    • Square
  • Template Preview is where you can preview your template. Click Outline to see the dimensions of each object on the layout, and click Preview to see how it will be printed.
  • Edit Object Properties is where you edit the properties of each object on the layout. The properties of an object change depending on the object type and the options you select for the property.

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