Producer Setup

Producer Setup contains a list of checkboxes and options for the Producer configuration. To ensure that all stations on the network are set up the same way we place the Producer Setup in one place. This ensures that no individual user can alter the card layout being used.

  • Project List – Manage all the projects in the organization.
  • Project Setup – Main section to setup your project. You can see the Project Name you are working on in the tab.
  • Producer Setup – List of checkboxes and options for the Producer
  • Field Definition – Choose all fields you need for your project.
  • Color Code – Categorize your cardholders in Producer with a description and color.
  • Front / Back Design – Configure the design on the template (texts, dynamic texts, barcodes, and images)
  • Import Records – Import records to your projects.
  • Export Records – Export records from your projects.
  • QR Code Setup – IDpack Cloud has many features build-in with QR Code.
  • New Project – Create a new project.
  • Move to Active – Move the project to active when ready to print cards in Producer.
  • Move to Trash – Remove the project from everywhere except for Administrator.
  • Import Records – Import records from a CSV file, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Google Sheets, etc.
  • Import Photo ID– Import Photo ID from a ZIP file. Imported photos are matched using the ID #. Ex: 100580.jpg. This feature is available upon request only and at our discretion.
  • Export Records – Export records to XLSX (Excel), CSV, and XML. You can export the Photo ID using the XML or XLSX format.
  • Open in Producer – Open the project directly in Producer (shortcut).
  • Save Project – Save the project to the cloud.
  • Help Center – This help page.
Producer Setup
  • ID Starting Number – You can set the auto number to start a specific value. The default value is 10000. Once the first card is created, the value cannot be changed.
  • ID Name – The name of your primary key, a primary key is a unique identifier of a card. By default, we use “ID #” but you can change it to your need. Example: “Employee ID” or just “ID”.
  • Color CodingColor coding in IDC can be disabled for the project, but Color Coding can be used in many ways. Read more about Color Coding tips and tricks here.
  • Delete Records Method – 2 methods to delete records you can chose from.
    1. Trash\Delete Records Works like the Windows trashcan. In 2 steps, only Administrators can empty the trash.
    2. Erase Records (instantly) This will erase the record directly.

    WARNING: There is no way back; by deleting a record, it will delete all the information related to it: record, Photo ID, and Signature. Deleting a record does not delete the activity log. Please don’t contact us to restore deleted projects, we can’t do anything once it is gone.

  • Rotate Back 180° – With double-sided printers, sometimes the back needs to be rotated 180° to print correctly.
  • Force Unicode Font – By default, IDC fonts support many typefaces so leave it to No, but if in the preview the font is not correct, select Yes, and IDC will use a font that supports most typefaces in the world. Unicode fonts only support regular and bold, no italic or any other style. Please note that Klingon is not supported yet, but we are working on it.
  • Border around Photo IDBorder around Photo ID in IDC can be set as default from the Template or Hidden or always Visible for the project.
Producer Records List Setup
  • Primary/Secondary Sort by – Specify a primary and secondary sort by for the Card Listin the Producer By checking the Descending checkbox to the right, you can inverse the sort order of the field selected. By default, unchecked will sort from A to Z, and checked will sort from Z to A. This checkbox is very useful when sorting dates.
  • List Column #1 … #6 – Choose up to 6 columns to display for the Card List in Producer. Choose “Empty” to hide a column.
Preview Card

This is a preview of what your card will look like when printed. Dynamic fields will be updated with the information you enter in Producer and the Photo ID will change for each card.