Account Settings

Account Settings is your area where you can change your name and password, change your profile photo, edit your social media address and share it with all organization users.

The Profile Photo is an excellent, easy way to test your webcam and ensure it works with IDC. Does IDpack Cloud see what my webcam sees? No, we don’t see the live feed of your webcam; only the photo you’ve captured is sent to our server. You are responsible for the content you post to IDC, including its legality, reliability, and appropriateness. Please read our Terms of Service down below for more information.

You can change the video source using the pull-down menu. Example: You are working with a laptop but want to capture photos from a webcam with people in front of you? Select the other webcam in the pull-down menu, and IDC will switch to that camera.

  • Capture Photo – Capture a snapshot from your webcam and save it to IDC. You can use the shortcut CTRL-G to grab a photo.
  • Save Changes – Save your profile to the cloud
  • Help Center – This help page
  • First Name – Your first name.
  • Last Name – Your last name
  • Email – Your email
Close account

Learn about your options, and close your account if you wish. There is no way back; by closing your account, it will delete all the information related to it: projects, designs, records, users, activity logs, and Photo IDs. Please don’t contact us to restore a closed account, and we can’t do anything once it is gone.