Color Code

The Color Code is a feature that helps you categorize your cardholders in Producer. Click on the color to open the Color Picker and choose your color. You can also copy/paste Hex Color Code, example: FF8000 for orange. Leave the description empty to remove the color from the pull-down menu in Producer.

  • Project List – Manage all the projects in the organization.
  • Project Setup – Main section to setup your project. You can see the Project Name you are working on in the tab.
  • Producer Setup – List of checkboxes and options for the Producer
  • Field Definition – Choose all fields you need for your project.
  • Color Code – Categorize your cardholders in Producer with a description and color.
  • Front / Back Design – Configure the design on the template (texts, dynamic texts, barcodes, and images)
  • Import Records – Import records to your projects.
  • Export Records – Export records from your projects.
  • QR Code Setup – IDpack Cloud has many features build-in with QR Code.
  • New Project – Create a new project.
  • Move to Active – Move the project to active when ready to print cards in Producer.
  • Move to Trash – Remove the project from everywhere except for Administrator.
  • Import Records – Import records from a CSV file, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Google Sheets, etc.
  • Import Photo ID– Import Photo ID from a ZIP file. Imported photos are matched using the ID #. Ex: 100580.jpg. This feature is available upon request only and at our discretion.
  • Export Records – Export records to XLSX (Excel), CSV, and XML. You can export the Photo ID using the XML or XLSX format.
  • Open in Producer – Open the project directly in Producer (shortcut).
  • Save Project – Save the project to the cloud.
  • Help Center – This help page.

We have three different types of objects we can place on a template to identify the category of the person on the card.

  • Background images based on the Color Code selected for the cardholders. This can be configured in the Front/Back Design tab.
  • Rectangular shape with the background color of the Color Code.
  • Description of the Color Code Example: Manager or Volunteer.

You can associate 15 colors with 15 descriptions that assign a security or other type of ID level to each type of cardholder, as required. This may be useful when you have several different zones within a complex or building (or at an event), each requiring a different level of access (ex: manager, security, volunteer, media, visitor, etc.). You can use the Color Code in many ways, see it as a pull-down menu for each card with the option to set a color.

Example: you can use only one two rows in your project: VALID and EXPIRED, leaving the 13 others empty. Use green for VALID and red for EXPIRED. In Producer, when you want to revoke a cardholder card, select EXPIRED and save the card. Next time you scan the card, you will see “EXPIRED” on your screen in red capitals.