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CR80 is the standard card size like credit card and 30 mil is the standard thickness. Cards are available in various thicknesses, from 10 to 50 mil. Check your card printer specifications to see what thickness it support. When printing, make sure your image are in high resolution with CMYK color setting. 300 dpi is recommended to be sure your images and text come out sharp and clean. Also save your image in a format with no compression like TIFF or PNG.

  1. CR80 Card
    Standard card size
    Dimensions: 3.375″ x 2.125″ (85.6 mm x 54 mm) – Corner Radius: .09″ (2.29 mm)
  2. CR79 Card
    Slightly smaller dimensionally than CR80 cards; made to fit in the well of a proximity card
    Dimensions: 3.303″ x 2.051″ (83.9 mm x 51 mm)
  3. CR90 Card
    Driver’s license size; slightly larger than the standard CR80
    Dimensions: 3.63″ x 2.37″ (92 mm x 60 mm)
  4. CR100 Card Often referred to as oversize or military-sized Dimensions: 3.88″ x 2.63″ (98.5 mm x 67 mm)


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