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Getting the Most Out of Your Zebra Card Printer

No matter what type of cards you need to produce—student ID, employee access, customer loyalty, membership, or any other cards—your card printing solution is going to consist of three primary components: a card printer, supplies (including cards, ribbons, and laminates/overlays), and software to design and manage your cards.

IDpack has been helping customers create ID card solutions for more than 20 years, so we know quite a bit about all three components. Based on our experience, we recommend Zebra printers and supplies for just about any card printing application.

Zebra offers advanced card printing technology in printers covering all the bases, from high-speed industrial applications to compact units designed for customer-facing environments. Their card printer lineup includes cost-effective direct-to-card printers and high-performance retransfer printers that produce cards with the highest image quality and maximum durability. Zebra also offers a complete selection of card stocks, ribbons, laminates, and other supplies to support any organization.

With Zebra covering the hardware and supplies, an end-to-end solution requires just one additional component: software.

IDpack Cloud

IDpack Cloud

Like many new software solutions, card design/management tools migrate to software as a service (SaaS), including our best-selling IDpack software. IDpack Cloud (IDC) lets you access your ID cards anywhere in the world, right from any modern web browser, making it the easiest, most complete solution for managing and printing plastic cards.

There are four licensing options for IDC, ranging from IDpack Cloud – Element, which supports up to 600 cards, all the way up to IDpack Cloud – Enterprise with support for up to 6,000 cards. So, there’s an IDC solution to fit any organization.

IDC provides all the software tools you need to create and manage cards. There’s a Designer component that allows you to create your projects, choose your templates, and configure them. And there’s a Producer component that enables you to create your records, capture pictures, and print your cards.

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Since Zebra’s card printers are the easiest to use, it’s natural to pair them with IDC. Here’s just a brief look at some additional reasons IDC and Zebra card printers work so well together:

    Barcodes, QR codes, and Security Features
    Using IDC and Zebra card printers, you can print QR codes and barcodes with accurate images. They both also support specialty ribbons that allow you to embed graphics and overlays that improve card security.

    Fast Printing
    IDC makes it fast and easy to design cards, and we’ve incorporated many shortcuts that help you speed your cards into production. That enables you to get the most out of the high-speed print capabilities of Zebra’s card printers.

    Advanced Printing Technology
    IDC software makes it easy to design cards with edge-to-edge graphics that maximize the output of Zebra’s photo-quality 300 dpi and high-definition 600 dpi card printers. With IDC and Zebra, you have tools that make it easy to ensure that every card is printed with the sharpest images, text, and barcodes.

    Single- and Double-Sided Printing
    You can take advantage of the double-sided printing capabilities of Zebra card printers with IDC Business, Professional, and Enterprise licenses.

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