Print COVID test or vaccination certificates


IDpack in the Cloud is offering special templates to print all necessary information and a secure QR code for COVID Test Certificates or COVID Vaccination Certificates on a durable card. These cards include a QR code that can be scanned anytime, anywhere in the world from a mobile phone to verify the card’s validity in real-time.

PDF Information – US Preview Template ID #122453 Preview Template ID #122454

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You can customize or hide any logo, texts, dynamic texts and QR code in Designer when logged in the system. You can also add prefix and suffix to any dynamic text. Thoses templates are available for: Business, Professional and Ultimate plans. You can create unlimited card design (projects) in our system. Print and verify COVID19 using secure vaccination credentials and vaccine passports. Print all necessary information and secure QR Code for a COVID-19 vaccine certificate on a durable card.

IDC QR code App screenshot
Screenshot of the QR code App setup. You can turn off the QR code App and use your own URL and select a Linked Field to pass as parameter.

Instant plastic card printing:

  • Always at hand
  • Durable (long life card)
  • Hygienic (easy-to-clean)

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*Add a photo ID for higher security. System sold separately. Complementary to digital and paper certificates. Available for Business, Professional or Ultimate plans. Does not replace any official documents. Always follow CDC or other government agencies. Stay safe.