IDpack Cloud helps organizations control their security requirements with access control cards, membership cards, convention badges, student ID cards, and other types of ID cards. IDpack Cloud supports all card printers like Evolis, HID Fargo, Zebra Technologies, and Entrust.

As of Q1 2021, Swift ID card software from HID Global has been discontinued due to the end of life of the Adobe Flash player, which is a key component of the Swift ID badging application. If you are looking for a great replacement, IDpack Cloud is the solution.

Choose from four plans to suit your needs and budget from IDC Element plan with up to 600 records, single-side printing, and one user to IDC Enterprise plan with up to 6,000 records, double-side printing, and unlimited users. Each organization gets a unique encryption key, and all sensitive data is encrypted in our database using that key for maximum security.

We’ve helped many satisfied customers replace their existing ID card software (including SwiftID & more) with IDpack Cloud. At every step along the way, from pre-sales to configuration, data importation, and user training, the experienced team at IDpack will help your organization adopt IDpack iCloud and use it to produce high-quality ID cards for years to come.

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With IDpack Cloud, we aim to provide a flexible solution that works with any plastic ID card printer.

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