User Setup

User Setup is where you enter all information for your users in the organization. Fill in the different fields, set role and privileges and click Save User. A new record appears in the Users List table.

  • Users List – Manage all the users in the organization.
  • User SetupAdd / Edit User, Role and Privileges for a user.
  • Add New – Create a new user.
  • Move to Inactive – Move the user to Inactive so the user can’t log in.
  • Move to Trash – Move the user to Trash so the user can’t log in and Administrator can delete it.
  • Save User – Save the user to the cloud.
  • Help Center – This help page.

By default, New User is Active and can log in right away.

  • Active UserActive user can log in with its role and privileges specified for this organization.
  • Inactive UserInactive user cannot log in.
  • Trash UserInactive user cannot log in. User with Administrator role can delete the user while with this status.
  • First Name – Change the first name.
  • Last Name – Change the last name.
  • Email – Change the email address.
  • RoleOperator gets access to Producer. Designer gets access to Producer and Designer to create new projects. Administrator gets full access to the system.
  • Current Password – To change a user password, you must enter the current password,
  • New Password – The new password
  • New Password Again – Repeat the new password again.
Project User Privileges per projects

Below all the privileges you can set for users per project.

  • Favorite – Add projects to the users favorites.
  • Access Designer – Access this project in Designer.
  • Access Producer – Access this project in Producer.
  • Add Records – Add cards in Producer.
  • Edit Records – Edit cards in Producer.
  • Deactivate Records – Move cards to Inactive.
  • Trash/Delete Records – Move cards to Trash. Only Admin can Delete a trashed record versus Erase Records with this privilege.
  • Erase Records – Erase all information about the record permanently.
  • Capture Photo ID – Capture a Photo ID for a record.
  • Capture Signature – Capture a signature for a record.
  • Print Card – Preview cards before printing.
  • Preview Card – Preview cards with NO printing.
  • Print Queue – Send the record to the Print Queue (Enterprise only)
  • View Log – View activity log for a project.