Team List

Team List provides the facility to manage all the users in the organization. Via this screen, users can be viewed, edited and deleted. Filtering and searching also makes it easier to quickly find users matching certain criteria.

  • Team List – Manage all the users in the organization.
  • User SetupAdd / Edit User, Role and Privileges for a user.
  • Add New – Create a new user.
  • IDC Help – This help page.
Filtering Options

At the top of the table are links such as All, Active, Inactive, Trash that, when clicked, will cause just the users of that type to be displayed in the underlying table.


The users are sorted by user email. Each row of the table represents a user in IDC. Click anywhere in the row to allow a user to be edited in the User Setup screen.

The table of Team List contains the following columns:

  • – Status of the user: Trash (brown), Inactive (red) or Active (green)
  • – When clicked (checked), selects that project to be processed by a Bulk Action.
  • – Preview of the user profile picture.
  • Role – This is the user’s role in the organization.
  • First name – First name of the user.
  • Last name – Last name of the user.
  • Email – Email of the user.
  • Last modified – The Date column for each user shows the date ‘Inserted’ or ‘Last Modified’ depending if it has been modified or not.