Card List

Card List provides the facility to manage all cards in a project. Via this screen, cards can be viewed, edited, and deleted. Filtering and searching also make it easier to quickly find cards matching certain criteria.

  • Project List – Manage all the projects in the organization.
  • Card List – Manage all the cards in a project.
  • Card InformationAdd / Edit Card, Capture Photo ID in a project.
  • Print Preview – Preview the card before sending it to your card printer.
  • Add New – Create a new card.
  • Help Center – This help page.

In the toolbar to the right is a search box where you can enter a word, or series of words, and click the Search Card button to search and display all cards matching your search words.

Page Navigation

If more than 20 cards are available, two double-arrow boxes are provided to move to the first and last pages. Also, two single-arrow boxes are displayed to move one page back or forward. Finally, between the arrows, the current page number and the total number of pages available are displayed.

Filtering Options

At the top of the table are links such as All, Active, Inactive, Trash, that when clicked, will cause just the cards of that type to be displayed in the underlying table.

Sortable Columns

Some column headings can be clicked to sort the table of Card List in ascending or descending order. Click on the  or icon to change the sort order.


The cards are sorted by default with the primary and secondary sort field you specified in the Designer / Producer Setup screen. Each row of the table represents a card in IDC. Click anywhere in the row to allow a card to be edited in the Card Information screen.

The Card List table contains the following columns:

  • – Record status

    Active (green), Inactive (red), Trash (brown), or Pending in Queue (dark green)

  • – When checked, selects that card to be processed by a Bulk Action.
  • – Preview of the record Photo ID, if available.
  • ID # – This is the card ID number. The name “ID #” can be changed in the Designer / Producer Setup screen, so it might be different.
  • Color Code – This shows the color and name of the Color Code selected in the Card Information Color Code can be turn off in the Designer / Producer Setup screen, so it might not be visible. Color Codes can be edited (color and title) in the Designer / Color Code screen.
  • Additional Columns – Columns after Color Code are chosen in the Designer / Producer Setup