Card Information

Card Information is where you enter all information for the cardholder, select the color code and capture the photo if needed. Fill in the different fields, click Capture Photo ID and click Save Record. A new record appears in the Card List table. A serial number is generated each time you save information about a new cardholder. It is a unique number that is automatically created by the software, which serves to identify every cardholder separately. It is also useful for quick information retrieval.

  • Project List – Manage all the projects in the organization.
  • Card List – Manage all the cards in a project.
  • Card InformationAdd / Edit Card, Capture Photo ID in a project.
  • Print Preview – Preview the card before sending it to your card printer.
  • Add New – Create a new card.
  • Duplicate Card – Duplicate the current card. The New Card will open but with all the fields already filled in with the record selected. Modify the field you want (usually the first name and last name) and click Save Card; a new card will be created, and you will be sent to the Card Information This feature is a very useful timesaver when you need to enter a family and just need to change the first name, or when you enter staff from the same company and only the first name and last name changes.
  • Move to Inactive – Move the card to Inactive so that you can’t print the card anymore.
  • Move to Trash – Remove the card from everywhere except for Administrator.
  • Capture Photo ID– Capture a photo ID that will be printed on the card if needed.
  • Save Card – Save the card to the cloud.
  • Print Preview – Preview how the card will look before sending it to the card printer.
  • Help Center – This help page.

By default, New Card is Active and can be printed right away.

  • Active CardActive cards are displayed in Card List to all users with privileges specified for this project.
  • Inactive CardInactive cards cannot be printed except to users with Administrator
  • Trash CardInactive cards cannot capture photo ID or be printed for anyone. User with Administrator role can delete the card while with this status.
Color Code

The Color Code is a powerful feature available only with IDpack in the Cloud. If you are not using the Color Code function, we suggest you disable the pull-down menu. Under the Designer / Producer Setup. Choose No in the Color Coding option. The pull-down menu will be hidden and the Add New window will be a little smaller. Please read more about its features in the Designer / Color Code page.


The names of the input text (First Name, Last Name…), max length, mandatory, default value, etc.… can all be modified under the Designer / Field Definition tab. Please read the Field Definition sub-section to learn more.

Capture Photo ID

The Capture Photo ID function works with the Card Information tab. On the Capture Photo ID frame, you can see Live Camera and Saved Photo ID. The Live Camera provides a preview of your image. Click Capture Photo ID to take a photo with the camera. You can click on the button as many times as you want; only the last captured photo is saved. Each time you click on the button you can see the result in the Saved Photo ID frame. The last Saved Photo ID is the photo that will be used to print  the card.

Does IDpack in the Cloud see what my webcam sees? No, we cannot see the live feed on your webcam; only the photo you’ve captured is sent to our server. You are responsible for the content that you post to IDC, including its legality, reliability, and appropriateness. Please read our Terms of Service for more information.

You can change the video source using the pull-down menu. Example: You are working with a laptop but want to capture a photo from a webcam with people in front of you? Just select the other webcam in the pull-down menu and IDC will switch to that camera.

Delete Card

Only users with Administrator role can permanently delete a card. Click a card row in the Card List and go to the Card Information tab. The card status must be: Trash to be deleted. Click Move to Trash if its not trashed yet. Now, to delete the card, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Delete. The card and everything related to the record selected will be deleted permanently.

WARNING: There is no way back; by deleting a card, it will delete all the information related to it: record, activity log, and photo image. Where security is concerned, the more information you have available, the better it is. We always recommend not to delete a record but leave it in the trash. Please don’t contact us to restore deleted information, we can’t do anything once it is gone.