QR Code Setup

The QR Code Setup ub-sections (smaller tabs).

  • Project List – Manage all the projects in the organization.
  • Project Setup – Main section to setup your project. You can see the Project Name you are working on in the tab.
  • Producer Setup – List of checkboxes and options for the Producer
  • Field Definition – Choose all fields you need for your project.
  • Color Code – Categorize your cardholders in Producer with a description and color.
  • Front / Back Design – Configure the design on template (texts, dynamic texts, barcodes and images)
  • Import Records – Import records to your projects.
  • Export Records – Export records from your projects.
  • QR Code Setup – IDpack in the Cloud has many features build-in with QR Code.
  • New Project – Create a new project.
  • Move to Active – Move the project to active when ready to print cards in Producer.
  • Move to Trash – Remove the project from everywhere except for Administrator.
  • Import Records – Import records from a CSV file, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Google Sheet, etc.
  • Import Photo ID– Import Photo ID from a ZIP file. Imported photos are matched using the ID #. ex: 100580.jpg. This feature is available upon request only and at our discretion.
  • Export Records – Export records to XLSX (Excel), CSV, and XML. You can export the Photo ID using the XML or XLSX format.
  • Open in Producer – Open the project directly in Producer (shortcut).
  • Save Project – Save the project to the cloud.
  • Help Center – This help page.
QR Code Type

IDpack in the Cloud has many features build-in with QR codes. Below you can find the list and description of how they work. You can select any template with a QR code and set in the pull-down menu the function you want to use.

    Custom URL

    This is the Custom URL, where you can type any URL you wish to encore in the QR code and add a field using a Querystring. Example: https://example.com/?qr=[linked_field] The [linked_field] will be filled with your chosen Linked Field. (usually the ID #).

    IDC QR Code App

    This is the IDC QR code App to read the QR code with your phone to see whether the card is valid. You can choose to display card issuer information like Project Title, Organization Name, Phone, and location. You can also display the status of the records like Color Code, Photo ID, and fields.

    Linked Field

    This is the Linked Field to encode a field directly in the QR code from the database.

    LuggageTag in the Cloud

    This is the LuggageTag in the Cloud included service with IDC. LuggageTag in the Cloud protects your personal contact details when you travel. In case of lost luggage, if it is found by someone, you will be contacted via SMS and email from our system and we will put you in contact with the person who found it. You can use the template #122518 to print them. For more information, you can visit: https://www.luggagetag.cloud/

    WiFi QR Code

    This is the WiFi QR Code to encore cards with a QR code to set up WiFi automatically that allows you to connect to a WiFi network just by pointing your camera at it or by using a QR Code scanner. This feature is great for establishments providing accommodation, meals, and other services for travelers and tourists, like Airbnb, hotels, and restaurants. You can use the template #122714 to print them.