Field Definition

The Field Definition sub-section is the heart of Designer and must be understood perfectly. Our templates include a default set of fields to be used, but they can be completely customized. You can specify all the fields you want to print on your card and use in the Producer data collection form. All fields you select don’t need to be printed on the card; some can be used for data collection. These fields will be reflected everywhere in Designer and Producer, as each project has its own Field Definition. Removing a field from the Field Definition will not delete its data; if you add the field back, the data in Producer will be available again. You can choose up to 50 fields for every project. Don’t see a field you need? Request a field here.

  • Project List – Manage all the projects in the organization.
  • Project Setup – Main section to setup your project. You can see the Project Name you are working on in the tab.
  • Field Definition – Choose all fields you need for your project.
  • Producer Setup – List of checkboxes and options for the Producer
  • Color Code – Categorize your cardholders in Producer with a description and color.
  • Front / Back Setup – Configure the design on template (texts, dynamic texts, barcodes and images).
  • Add New – Create a new project.
  • Move to Active – Move the project to active when ready to print cards in Producer.
  • Move to Trash – Remove the project from everywhere except for Administrator.
  • Import Cards – Import cards from a CSV file, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Google Sheet, etc.
  • Save Project – Save the project to the cloud.
  • Help Center – This help page.

Each row of the table represents a field available through the project. You can edit each field directly in the row, then click Save Project when done.

The table of fields contains the following columns:

  • – Status of the field : Locked (dark green) or Unrestricted (green).
  • – When Unrestricted, you can uncheck the field and save the project to remove it from the project.
  • – Change the order of the field, up/down and then save the project
  • Field Name – This is the field’s name.
  • Printed Example – This show how it will look like when printed on the card.
  • Printed Prefix – Add the specified text in front of the information from the database (if required). like “DOB:” and it will print on the card: DOB: 1970-25-04
  • Printed Suffix – Exactly like Printed Prefix but add the specified text after the information from the database. Example “lb” and it will print on the card: 120 lb
  • Max Length – By default, IDC sets a maximum accepted length for the data collection form in Producer. (You can see the value gray out, but you can enter a lower value if needed.)
  • Req. – Check this check box to make the field mandatory (required) when adding or editing cards in Producer.
  • Default value – The value entered here will be added by default to any new card created. Example, “(555)” will put “(555)” in the form when creating a new card, helping to avoid typing the same information every time.
Add more field

To add a field you your project, use the pull-down menu to select a predefined field and click Add Field button. Don’t see a field you need? Request a field here. You can have up to 50 fields per project.